29 Jun

While we send a print command, the printer stops feeding pages and the control panel shows a "Paper Jam" error. This means that paper is jammed inside the printer. So follow the solution below to fix HP Officejet Pro 9015 paper jam error but no paper jam.

[Fix-1] Clear Paper Jam From Input Tray

  • Raise the output tray and next pull the input tray towards you for opening.
  • Press the both-sided button on the input tray and eject the input tray.
  • Examine the gap where the input tray was. Grasp any jammed paper in the gap with both hands and remove it. Check for any jammed paper or scraps of paper.
  • Embed the input tray back to the printer.

Now try to print any document, if the error remains, then remove the paper jam from another area of the printer.

[Fix-2] Remove Paper Jam From Cartridge Access Area

  • Firstly, turn off your printer and eject the power cable from the rear side of the printer.
  • Now open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Next, remove the paper path cover.
  • Look for any jammed paper inside the printer. Eject any jammed paper with both hands.
  • With the help of fingers, raise the flip gate on the duplex rollers.
  • Look for any jammed paper underneath the flip gate. Remove it if you found any.
  • Now press the flip gate down to its position and then reinsert the paper path cover.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Make connections to the printer and then turn it ON.
  • Try to print a document if the problem persists, then follow the next solution.

[Fix-3] Clear Paper Jam From Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

  • Raise the cover of ADF.
  • Lift tab on the front edge of the ADF.
  • Remove any jammed paper from the rollers.
  • Now close the ADF cover tightly from both ends.

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